• Alfred
    Creating Alfred Workflows in HaskellAlfredworkflowinhaskell icon
    In this tutorial I'll show you Haskell, a functional programming language, I will create a library to make Alfred workflows, and then use that library to create a case converter workflow.Read More…
  • Swift
    Alfred Workflows in SwiftSwift
    Apple created a new language called Swift. It a great modern language that can run as an interpreter or a compiler. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make use of this exciting new language in building Alfred Workflows from the command line.Read More…
  • Automation
    Save Time by Automating the MacAutomateyourmac
    When you tell someone about automation, the first thing that comes to mind is some futuristic fantasy where robots automatically do everything for you. Most people do not think about more practical application of automation. I'll define automation and show you how to make your Mac work for you.Read More…
  • Alfred
    Alfred DebuggingAlfred400
    No matter how hard I try, I still have problems with scripts that I write. No matter the approach taken, mistakes in typing, logic, or both will cause programs to not behave the way expected. Debugging is the art of finding and removing these mistakes. In Alfred, debugging is even harder due to the scripts being executed in a sub-process. You need the skills this tutorial will teach.Read More…
  • App Training
    Up and Running With the Alfred Powerpack — WorkflowsAlfred app powerpack finalpreviewretina
    In the Up and Running With the Alfred Powerpack — The Basics tutorial, we covered a number of great PowerPack features such as Syncing, Custom Searches, Email, and 1Password. I highly recommend taking a look at that if you are new to Alfred, as below we will be focusing on Workflows and some of the more advanced aspects of this feature. In this tutorial, I will be creating two types of workflows. One is a basic app launcher, that you might run when you get to work, while the other is a more in-depth look of how you can code your own workflow. I have intentionally omitted some features in the coding your own workflow section, to give you room to expand and practice what you've learned today. I encourage you to try to add more to them and share with others in the comments what you learned. The best way to learn is to share with others!Read More…
  • App Training
    Up and Running With the Alfred Powerpack — The BasicsAlfred app powerpack finalpreviewretina
    For many years Mac users have been blessed with a number of great launcher applications. These applications allow you to use keywords or hotkey combinations to quickly launch an application or perform a particular action. Recently, one of the top launcher applications, Alfred app, was updated to version two. With this update comes a plethora of new and improved features. In this tutorial I'll be showing you the unique and powerful features available to Alfred app Powerpack users. Read More…
  • Automation
    Write an Alfred Extension to Create Files on the FlyNewtermproject f
    Recently, we took a look at how to use Terminal to quickly create files. Today, we're going to review and apply this knowledge to make our own Alfred extension that creates a new directory of files in an instant. We'll even hit on some AppleScript along the way so you can really get your dose of geeky goodness.Read More…