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  • OS X
    Control a Mac With Siri-Like Voice CommandsPreview under50k
    While Siri hasn’t yet made its way to the Mac, it’s still possible to replicate some of the functionality provided by Apple’s digital personal assistant with tools available in OS X. This tutorial will show you how to recreate some of Siri’s magic using custom Dictation Commands, available within Automator on OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Read More…
  • Keyboard Maestro
    Keyboard Maestro II: Launching Apps IntelligentlyPreview
    Keyboard Maestro is a great automation app for OS X. In this ongoing series, I continue exploring what you can do with it by looking at how to launch and automate apps on a Mac.Read More…
  • Hazel
    Wrapping Up: Miscellaneous Rules for Hazel 3 and the InboxPreview
    Over the last few tutorials, I've been demonstrating how to keep a Mac sorted with Hazel 3 and an Inbox. There were some workflows that didn't fit in any previous tutorial. In this article, I cover some of them.Read More…
  • Hazel
    Syncing the Inbox Between Macs With Dropbox and Hazel 3Preview
    In the this tutorial, I’ll show you how to sync an Inbox folder, created in earlier tutorials, between two Macs using Hazel and a folder syncing app like Dropbox. Any files in the Inbox on one Mac will automatically copy to the Inbox on the other.Read More…
  • Automation
    Save Time by Automating the MacAutomateyourmac
    When you tell someone about automation, the first thing that comes to mind is some futuristic fantasy where robots automatically do everything for you. Most people do not think about more practical application of automation. I'll define automation and show you how to make your Mac work for you.Read More…
  • Automation
    Put IFTTT to Work: 6 Unique Ways to Use IFTTTIfttt400
    While the possibilities of IFTTT are nearly endless, it can be hard putting the pieces together to create seamless and useful automation. In this tutorial, I’ll describe how to use IFTTT to solve common problems and make your workflow run more smoothly.Read More…
  • Automation
    Introduction to Automator ServicesAutomator2
    Automator can be intimidating, but it’s a great tool for completing lots of small or large tasks. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to put Automator to work in contextual and application menus. I’ll create four simple Automator services that can be accessed almost anywhere, and you’ll gain the tools to create services that can do almost anything.Read More…
  • Automation
    How to Automate Anything with IFTTTIfttt preview
    IFTTT can do so much more than just run pre-made recipes. Here's how you can get it to automate anything you want.Read More…
  • Automation
    Setting Up an SSH KeySshpreview
    Entering secure passwords each time you log in to a server can be slow and painful but there is a better way. It's time to jump in and set up an SSH handshake.Read More…
  • Automation
    Speed Up Your Podcast Editing With Every Button on Your MouseControllermatehi
    It only takes two seconds to remove an umm from your podcast audio, but do it 200 times and it'll drive you nuts. In this screencast I show you how to set up Controllermate to reduce each edit to a half second click. This can reduce a four hour edit process down to a two hour one. Getting rid of silences and stutters will make you sound like a genius who never needs to pause to think? I guide you through a step-by-step set up process for both Audacity and TwistedWave .Read More…
  • Automation
    Cutting a Swathe Through Your Gmail Using Keyboard MacrosGmailhi
    If you are anything like me, you'll find yourself having to deal with ever-increasing numbers of email. It can all get a bit overwhelming, at times, and not all of that email needs my immediate attention. Having to sort through all of the email demanding my attention is time-consuming and, frankly, quite tedious. In this screencast I'll show you how to quickly, and easily, categorise your unimportant emails. I'll show you how to use shortcuts, hotkeys and macros to help you achieve the zen of inbox zero.Read More…
  • Automation
    Effortless Paperless Nirvana With Mail, Hazel and EvernotePaperlessnirvana large
    With the relentless onslaught of the digital era, paperless systems have been gaining increasing traction and relevance. While the benefits are undeniable, there are times when workflows are far from frictionless and often tedious, making them less appealing. There is hope however and in this screencast I'll teach you how to leverage apps such as Mail, Hazel and Evernote to automate at least one aspect of your paperless workflow.Read More…