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    Quick Tip: Recording Skype Calls, for Free, on a MacPreview
    Whether you're a budding podcaster or just looking to keep records of important conversations, in this tutorial I'll show you how to create high quality recordings of your Skype conversations with GarageBand, a few free utilities, and some virtual elbow grease. Read More…
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    How to Convert Vinyl to MP3Preview
    While having a sizable vinyl collection is great, keeping those records in iTunes has its benefits, too. It will allow you listen to them wherever you are while resting assured that your music is being backed up. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to easily import your record collection into iTunes with the help of some GarageBand magic.Read More…
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    How to Capture and Record Audio on Your MacCapture icon 2x
    Whether you're wanting to become the next Bob Dylan or start your own podcast, the Mac has some of the best software around to help you make this a reality. But no matter how good your musical or conversational aspirations are, they'll be for nought if we can't effectively capture our music or record our conversations. In this tutorial, I'll look at the different ways you can capture and record audio to include in your future projects. Read More…
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    Adding Metadata to Your Garageband ProjectMicbutton
    Adding metadata to an audio file can be confusing and unintuitive. In this screencast we'll take a look at some common pitfalls and find the fastest, easiest way to solve the problem.Read More…
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    GarageBand Part 3: Basics Of Recording Electric GuitarGarageband
    So far in our series of making music with GarageBand, we've taken a look at getting started with GarageBand, and have then moved on to creating a simple song in GarageBand using virtual instruments. We’re going to continue to step up the complexity to make more unique, nuanced songs but I felt that before getting more advanced with virtual instruments and editing MIDI, it’s high time that we took a moment's pause to look at the basics of recording electric guitar. Though this article is catered toward beginners looking to use their computer to record electric guitar. Electric bass works just the same and it will mostly be applicable to other instruments, like keyboards and drum machines.Read More…
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    GarageBand Part 2: Creating A Simple Song With Virtual InstrumentsGaragebandguitar 1
    In our previous look at using GarageBand, we discussed the basic principles behind creating music with a Mac and GarageBand, talked about what terms like MIDI and DAW mean and dipped a toe into making music with virtual instruments. Hopefully by now you've had a chance to get familiar with the basic sounds that come with GarageBand by default, because now we're going to record a simple song using virtual instruments!Read More…
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    GarageBand Part 1: Getting Started With Virtual Instruments Garagebandguitar 1
    GarageBand is an awesome beginner-friendly music application which can be used for capturing and manipulating audio, making music with virtual instruments and recording your own professional sounding podcasts, plus more. All that’s required is the desire and patience to learn! To get started with GarageBand, we shall begin by first discussing the basics behind computer music software and virtual instruments, in addition to looking at recommended hardware to help you on your way. All this will provide a foundation for future guides, in which we will record a whole song and more.Read More…
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    Make a Ringtone with GarageBand10 icon
    It's very easy to make your own iPhone ringtones with GarageBand. Those who already know their way around Apple's beginner-friendly Digital Audio Workstation will be able to breeze through this guide with a few quick glances, but for Mac users new to GarageBand, the seven steps below will guide you along the way.Read More…