• Go
    Start Developing With Go on the MacDevgomac
    Google made a computer language, called Go, that works really well for making network aware programs. Since it's not a main-stream language, getting started using it on the Mac can seem hard. I'll show you how to use this exciting language on the Mac and develop a simple web application in the process. Read More…
  • Google
    How to Find Anything Online With Advanced Search TechniquesSearch icon
    Having trouble finding exactly what you need from your search engine? Here's the advanced search tools you can use to find almost anything on the internet, no matter how hidden it is.Read More…
  • App Training
    The Complete Guide to Google Drive on a MacLogo
    I've followed the evolution of Google Drive right from the start. What started as a bare bones online word processor in the form of Writely turned into the cloud based productivity suite we know as Google Docs, which finally culminated into an all-in-one digital drive and file sync utility. Google Drive was a long time coming, with speculation that Google would make a Dropbox competitor circling the internet for years now. Google took their own sweet time to actually launch Drive, but when they finally did, it turned out not to be the dumb digital storage box everyone was expecting. So, not only is it possible for you to store and sync any type of file, but you can also edit most of them from any Internet connected device, and have fast access to your online documents from Google Docs and other apps, as well. After the break, let's learn how to extract the most out of your Google Drive on a Mac.Read More…