• Applications
    Discover the Best, and Free, Alternatives to Well-Known Mac AppsPaidforfreeapps
    When you've invested so much money in a new Mac, software can be an additional expense. In this tutorial, I'll help you find free alternative programs that you can use, and some cheaper programs that are less known. I will also show you how to get more expensive programs for pennies.Read More…
  • Mac
    Quick Tip: How to Rename Email Flags in Mail.appPreview image
    6 shares on the Mac has a nice built in feature called Flags. Using flags helps to categorize and even note the priority of a message. Rather than keep a taxonomy floating in your head, I'll show you how to give email flags meaningful names.Read More…
  • iOS
    Two Different Ways to Mirror an iOS Device to a MacMirror logo
    Being able to demonstrate a feature, setting, or new application to a large group of people can be invaluable. The ability to mirror an iOS device to the Mac's display could mean the difference between success and failure. Read More…
  • Yosemite
    Start Receiving SMS Messages and Phone Calls on a MacContinuity logo
    Yosemite's latest and greatest feature allows you to keep your phone in your pocket and still make or receive phone calls and text messages.Read More…
  • GitHub
    How To Configure Git & GitHub On Your MacGithub
    As a developer, you probably use Git and GitHub all the time. In this short tutorial, we’ll make sure that’s all set up correctly.Read More…
  • GarageBand
    Quick Tip: Recording Skype Calls, for Free, on a MacPreview
    Whether you're a budding podcaster or just looking to keep records of important conversations, in this tutorial I'll show you how to create high quality recordings of your Skype conversations with GarageBand, a few free utilities, and some virtual elbow grease. Read More…
  • Mac
    An Introduction to Bluetooth, Mac and iPhoneBluetoothpreview
    Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that allows the wireless connection of devices. In this tutorial I’ll explain what Bluetooth is, I'll show you how to use an iPhone to unlock a Mac, how to enter text on an iPhone with the Mac's keyboard and how to use a Mac to make and receive phone calls. All with the help of Bluetooth.Read More…
  • Mac
    Apple's Thunderbolt Display Explored and ExplainedThunderboltdisplay400
    Originally announced in July 2011, but not shipping until the September, Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is a high-specced external 27" display for Thunderbolt-equipped Macs. At some £899 in the UK ($999 in the USA), this Apple accessory does not come cheap, but it is perhaps better equipped than you realised. Here, Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is explored and explained.Read More…
  • Mac
    Apples and Pears: A Guide to Alternative Apple AccessoriesLogitech icon 2x
    While Apple manufactures some of the best accessories for the Mac, they aren't the only company that does so. In fact, there are many other companies that manufacture some great accessories for your Mac, from keyboards and mice to cables and adapters. Some of these are not only cheaper, they're far more versatile and feature-packed than Apple's offerings. In this guide, I'll show you some alternatives to Apple's own accessories for your Mac, saving you money as well as increasing your productivity using accessories that you may never have considered before.Read More…
  • Mac
    Replace Your Gaming Console With Your MacSteam retina icon1
    With the upcoming launches of Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, the time has once again come to choose which platform you're going to be taking into the next generation of gaming. The choice may seem clear -- stick with your console platform or swap to another -- but the Mac at your desk might just be your classic underdog competitor. In this tutorial, I'll be taking a look at how you can use your Mac as a viable candidate for replacing your current-generation gaming console using the power of Steam's Big Picture mode and an Xbox 360 Controller.Read More…
  • Mac
    My Mac's Screen Is Broken, Now What?Applecare400px
    When we first purchase our Mac's they are the most exciting gadget in the world. Their technology amazes us and they improve our workflows. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and parts of your Mac can be broken in the process. Many of these accidents are relatively cheap and easy to fix, but what do you do when your screen is broken? In this tutorial, I'll examine what you can do if your Mac's screen is broken.Read More…
  • Mac
    Keeping Your Cool With Apple Mac Operating TemperaturesTemp400
    Apple’s Mac range of computers are, literally, the hot technology of the day with shipments of some 13.5 million portable MacBooks Pro and 4.65 million Mac minis and iMacs in the most recent quarter. Compare this with the longest decline in PC sales history and you can see what I mean. But Mac’s are physically hot, too, sometimes. If this is something about which you are be concerned then this tutorial will explain a little more about the causes, the problems and the solutions to your hot Apple.Read More…
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