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  • OS X
    Control a Mac With Siri-Like Voice CommandsPreview under50k
    While Siri hasn’t yet made its way to the Mac, it’s still possible to replicate some of the functionality provided by Apple’s digital personal assistant with tools available in OS X. This tutorial will show you how to recreate some of Siri’s magic using custom Dictation Commands, available within Automator on OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Read More…
  • OS X
    How to Watch the 'Spring Forward' Apple Special Event on 9th March 2015Event
    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to watch the live Apple special event that is being broadcast over the internet. You can watch the event on a Mac, on an iPad, iPhone or on a television via Apple TV. You could even watch in on a PC. Don’t worry if you miss the live event, I’ll show you how you can watch on catch-up.Read More…
  • Yosemite
    Start Receiving SMS Messages and Phone Calls on a MacContinuity logo
    Yosemite's latest and greatest feature allows you to keep your phone in your pocket and still make or receive phone calls and text messages.Read More…
  • Pixelmator
    Introduction to Pixelmator for Mac and iPad, Part 2Logo
    In this lesson I'll teach you how to apply image enhancements, color filters, and do non-destructive editing in Pixelmator. You will quickly appreciate just how simple it can be to create amazing pictures.Read More…
  • GitHub
    How To Configure Git & GitHub On Your MacGithub
    As a developer, you probably use Git and GitHub all the time. In this short tutorial, we’ll make sure that’s all set up correctly.Read More…
  • OS X
    Transferring Time Machine Backups to a New DriveTimemachine
    When it comes time to moving Time Machine backups to a new drive, doing so safely to prevent data loss is crucial. Follow this guide to ensure that the new backup drive is configured properly and that all of your data is moved between drives safely.Read More…
  • OS X
    Install Yosemite Open Beta on a Bootcamp PartitionYosemite logo
    In this tutorial, I will show you how to get the best of both worlds by installing Yosemite on a completely separate partition. Enjoy the free open beta of Apple's latest operating system without the fear of bugs or application breakage.Read More…
  • Hackintosh
    Use PCPartPicker to Get Good Deals on Hackintosh PartsPcpartpicker preview
    In this tutorial I'll show you how to use PCPartPicker to get the best deals on computer parts for a Hackintosh. PCPartPicker helps you find great prices and also makes sure the parts you are getting will all work together.Read More…
  • Apple
    The Novice’s Complete Guide to Setting Up and Using an Apple TV - Part 2Appletv
    You have the AppleTV setup and you understand the basics. In this tutorial I will show how to access each of the more unique channels, remove channels you aren't using, set up Home Sharing and access and change the important settings.Read More…
  • OS X
    Clone a Mac with SuperDuper!Superduper preview
    The best backup is a perfect copy, even down to the operating system files. SuperDuper! lets you create a clone of your Mac so you can access your files in an emergency—and even use another Mac like it's your own.Read More…
  • OS X
    Preparing a Mac for OS X 10.10 YosemiteYosemite
    In this tutorial, I'll examine what you will need to do to ensure that you Mac is ready for upgrade, from OS X 10.9 Mountain Lion, or earlier to OS X 10.10 Yosemite when it is released.Read More…
  • iPhoto
    How to Order Photographic Prints From iPhotoIphoto
    Digital technology allows the taking of countless photographs for little or no cost; a stark contrast to the expensive, film-based photography of just a couple of decades ago. Yet photos are printed less often than in the past. It's still possible and, in this tutorial, I'll show you how to have chosen photos printed professionally and delivered to your door.Read More…