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    Do More With PDF in Skim for MacPreview template
    Skim is a powerful PDF reader and note taker for Mac, for academics, for reading and annotating documents. Advance uses can integrate Skim with Applescript, customize interface with Terminal and develop a workflow with BibDesk and iPad PDF reader's. Read More…
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    How to Reduce the Size of Your PDF Without Compromising Image QualityPdf reduce size
    Bloated PDF files are a pain to share and download online, but you risk losing the original image quality when reducing a PDF's file size. This tutorial shows you how to reduce the size of your PDFs without compromising image quality.Read More…
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    How to Extract Data from Tables in PDFs with Tabula and OpenRefineTabula logo
    There's tons of open data available that's locked away inside tables in PDFs. Here's how to extract the data with the free tools Tabula and OpenRefine to extract tour data and clean it up.Read More…
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    How to Edit a PDF for Free AnywherePdf icon
    Editing PDFs doesn't require a copy of Adobe Acrobat. Here's how you can edit PDFs for free on your Mac, PC, and the web.Read More…
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    How to Edit PDF Documents in Microsoft WordPdf word
    PDF documents have long felt impenetrable without Adobe Acrobat, but that's all changed. Here's how to edit PDFs natively in Word 2013, or in any version of Word with other tools.Read More…
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    Beyond Highlighting: How to Get the Most From Your AnnotationsAnnotations icon
    It's easy to highlight a passage in an eBook, but there's so much more you can do with digital highlights. Here's everything you need to know to annotate your eBooks and PDFs on your Mac, PC, iPad, and more, and then put your annotations to work for you.Read More…
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    How to Start Going PaperlessPaperless icon2
    "Paperless". It's been the dream since the 1970s, and we've been replacing the paper in our lives with pixels ever since. Here's how you can start going paperless today, and how that'll help you get more done with less clutter and frustration.Read More…
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    How To Perfect A PDF with PDFpenPdfpen 200
    PDF (Portable Document Format) is a pretty standard means of passing information along. As freelancers, we have many opportunities to send and receive PDFs, but as a traditionally read-only medium, it can be a bit difficult to manage edits. This tutorial will walk you through a few of the core features of PDFpen from Smile Software that many freelancers might find most useful, including how to make changes to the text of a PDF and how to add a signature.Read More…