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  • OSX
    Filling Out and Signing Forms With PreviewPreview logo
    You don't need fancy services like HelloSign or a printer/scanner combo to fill out forms. The only thing you need, the Mac OS already has: Preview. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to complete PDF forms, including your signature, on a Mac.Read More…
  • Launchbar
    Quick Tip: Manipulating Clipboard History With Launchbar 6Launchbar preview
    Any item you copy is saved to the Mac's clipboard history. One of the best tools for gaining access to the clipboard history is Launchbar 6. In this quick tip I'll show you how to use Launchbar to paste items from the clipboard history, merge items on the clipboard and clear it afterwards.Read More…
  • Productivity
    Why You Shouldn’t Store Files on the DesktopFolder
    Cluttered desktops are aesthetically unappealing and detrimental to a Mac's performance. In this tutorial, I’ll show you why it makes sense to keep the desktop clear of detritus.Read More…
  • Databases
    Create Your Own Web Apps With StamplayStamplay
    With Stamplay, you can create sleek and powerful web apps without hundreds of lines of code. Read More…
  • Trello
    Everything You Need to Know to Work Productively in TrelloTrello cards logo
    Trello is a great tool to help you work productively, but it can be a bit complicated to start using. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to put Trello to work for you.Read More…
  • OmniFocus
    The Ultimate Guide to OmniFocus 2Omnifocus logo
    The original Getting Things Done app can be a bit confusing for starters. Here's everything you need to hit the ground running in the latest version.Read More…
  • Productivity
    Quick Tip: Remap Keys to Become a Keyboard Power UserPreview
    With the help of some built-in functionality on your Mac as well as a free application, I'll show you how to take control of your keyboard. In the next five minutes, you'll become a keyboard power user.Read More…
  • Productivity
    How to Make the Most of the Dictionary in OS XDictionary
    Many people are unaware that there's a Dictionary app built-in to OS X, and those who do often miss out on the full functionality of the app. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the dictionary app for more than just looking up definitions of words.Read More…
  • Productivity
    Turn Evernote Into the Ultimate Paperless System With Scanned PDFsEvernote document icon
    Evernote's great for digital notes, but its equally great for organizing every document in your life. Here's how to get the most out of its PDF features to help you go paperless with ease.Read More…
  • Productivity
    Techniques to Share Apple and Google CalendarsCalendar in osx and google 00
    Calendars are most useful when they're available everywhere and not locked into a single device or service. That's often easier said than done. In this tutorial, I’ll show you the techniques to get Apple and Google calendars talking to each other.Read More…
  • Productivity
    How to Build Your Own Productivity System with OmniOutlinerOmnifocus logo
    Can't find the perfect to-do list for your needs? Here's how you can build your own better tool with OmniOutliner, the app that provided the inspiration for OmniFocus.Read More…
  • Productivity
    How to Manage Your Tasks with Todo.txtTodo txt preview
    Todo.txt is the world's simplest to-do list tool, and it's simply a plain text file. Here's how to get started managing your tasks in plain text, and how to use the apps and command line interface to Todo.txt to get the most out of this somewhat geeky yet powerful productivity tool.Read More…