• iCloud
    Get More Out of iCloud With iCloud DriveIcloud
    The advent of iCloud Drive has changed the way users interact with Apple’s storage service. I’ll show you how to get started with iCloud Drive and how to quickly access synced documents.Read More…
  • Backups
    Build Your Own Self-Hosted Dropbox With Bittorrent SyncBt sync
    Bittorrent Sync gets a lot of the basics right. Setup is easy and you can share any folder with ease and access control in mind. You don’t have to worry about storage quota, cost, privacy and it’s underlying file transfer technology is quite robust.Read More…
  • Fruux
    Sync Your Team's Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks With FruuxFruux logo
    You could just sync your contacts, calendars, and tasks with your own email account, but that's not an efficient way to work as a team. Here's how to set up shared PIM data with Fruux.Read More…
  • Synchronization
    iCloud Keychain Explored and ExplainedKeychain
    Alongside the release of OS X Mavericks, Apple introduced iCloud Keychain, a utility for saving passwords and credit card information to synchronise them across multiple devices in a secure manner. In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up your iCloud Keychain, getting it up and running across all your compatible devices.Read More…
  • Synchronization
    How to Create Free Offsite Backups With CrashPlanCrashplan icon 2x
    If you'd like to easily backup your data between computers on a network or over the internet, Time Machine may prove quite limited. Fortunately, CrashPlan provides all this, and more, by allowing for some truly customisable backup solutions. In this screencast, I'll demonstrate how to set up CrashPlan to backup your data to an external drive, another computer on a network and even to a friend's computer over the internet.Read More…
  • Synchronization
    Kindle for Mac: Everything You Need to Know to Read in SyncKindle
    In this article, we're going to take a look at the relationship between your Kindle and your Mac and how to keep your library in sync wherever you're reading (whether it be on Kindle hardware or not).Read More…
  • Synchronization
    Sync and Manage Your Contacts in Address BookAddressbook
    Your contacts are a mess. So are mine. This tutorial is going to show you how to clean them up and get everything from Facebook and Gmail into Address Book and onto your iPhone.Read More…