• Terminal
    How to Tweet From Terminal on a MacPreview
    Although computers have moved on, it's still possible to access the command line on a modern Mac with the Terminal. In this tutorial I look at how to use the ruby gem t to tweet from there.Read More…
  • Terminal
    How to Hibernate a Mac Terminal
    This tutorial show you the behaviour of sleep states in Mac OS X, shows you how to modify the settings through pmset and explain an alternative application to hibernate a Mac.Read More…
  • Time Machine
    Controlling Time Machine From TerminalPreview
    In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Terminal to control OS X's built in backup program, Time Machine. You learn how to use the Terminal to do things that aren't possible using the Time Machine preference pane or menubar icon.Read More…
  • Email
    Send Email Newsletters via Command Line With PostmanPreview
    Skip MailChimp, Outlook, and every other bulk email tool, and learn how to send bulk emails on your own with Postman.Read More…
  • OS X
    Check Reddit from OS X TerminalTerminal
    In this tutorial, I will show you how to surf Reddit from Terminal using basic Ruby code syntax, Reddit's JSON feed explaining how it will help the script run, how to parse the JSON feed and display it and how to alias the script to a simple command.Read More…
  • Terminal
    Basic Vim ConfigurationVim
    Now that you are learning to use Vim, you'll realize that there are a lot of options that can be configured, though you may not know how to make those options survive a reload. In this tutorial I’ll show you the basics of using Vim's configuration file so that you can set up the Vim editor the way you like it.Read More…
  • OS X
    How to Verify and Repair a Disk From the OS X Command LineTerminal
    For situations where Disk Utility is not available, or if you just prefer working on the command line, this tutorial will show you how to find a disk that may have an error, verify that disk from the repair it …all from the command line.Read More…
  • Finder
    Quick Tip: How to Write to NTFS Drives in OS X MavericksPreview
    Although both operating systems have made great progress, there are still a few glaring issues that prevent OS X and Windows from working together as well as they should. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to tackle one of those issues by enabling writing to NTFS drives in OS X without any third party software. Read More…
  • OS X
    Organization and How to Keep a Clean Desktop on a MacClean dt icon
    The desktop is a convenient place to store downloaded files, photos, music, films, screenshots and much more besides. Rely on the desktop too much and it soon becomes cluttered and files are difficult to find. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to stay organised and how to find files easily.Read More…
  • Remote Desktop
    How to Access Screen Sharing From the DockPreview
    Screen Sharing is an incredibly powerful tool but, unfortunately, it's hidden deep in the OS X Core Services folder. In this Quick Tip, I'll show you how to bring it to the forefront by adding it to your Applications folder and Dock. In addition, I'll show you how to use a simple AppleScript that connects to your remote computer with a single click. Read More…
  • Productivity
    How to Manage Your Tasks with Todo.txtTodo txt preview
    Todo.txt is the world's simplest to-do list tool, and it's simply a plain text file. Here's how to get started managing your tasks in plain text, and how to use the apps and command line interface to Todo.txt to get the most out of this somewhat geeky yet powerful productivity tool.Read More…
  • Electronics
    How to Use a Raspberry Pi as a Local Web ServerThumb
    In this tutorial I will show you how to set up a Raspberry Pi to be used as a Local Web Server with SSH and FTP functionality.Read More…