Time Machine

  • OS X
    Transferring Time Machine Backups to a New DriveTimemachine
    When it comes time to moving Time Machine backups to a new drive, doing so safely to prevent data loss is crucial. Follow this guide to ensure that the new backup drive is configured properly and that all of your data is moved between drives safely.Read More…
  • Time Machine
    Controlling Time Machine From TerminalPreview
    In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Terminal to control OS X's built in backup program, Time Machine. You learn how to use the Terminal to do things that aren't possible using the Time Machine preference pane or menubar icon.Read More…
  • Time Machine
    Getting Started With Time MachineTimemachine preview?height=300&width=300
    Time Machine is OS X's built in backup feature. Every Mac user should be using it to regularly backup there Macs. In this tutorial I'll show how to get started using Time Machine, how to restore files and even, if the worst comes to the worst, the whole system.Read More…
  • Time Machine
    Fixing a Stalled Time Machine BackupTimemachine
    Sometimes Time Machine gets confused or encounters a bug, causing backups to stall. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to correct the dark path that Time Machine occasionally embarks upon. I’ll also give you tips on preventing it from happening.Read More…
  • OS X
    OS X System Recovery: Explored and ExplainedOsxrecovery retinathumb
    There may be a time, in the life of your Mac, where you need to restore or recovery your machine, either to try and solve problems you've encountered or simply clean house and start from fresh. In this tutorial, I'll show you through the various options for restoring or recovering your Mac and the process of bringing your Mac back to a clean, healthy state.Read More…
  • OS X
    Quick Tip: Tweak Time Machine Backup IntervalQt timemachineinterval 400
    Time Machine first made it's debut in OS X 10.5 "Leopard". It's Apple's backup utility that comes bundled with the system and works silently in the background without needing user intervention (provided it's set up that is). By default, Time Machine will perform incremental backups every hour. While this is a sensible default, there may be times when another interval would be desirable. Unfortunately, there is no setting that allows a user to easily achieve this but that doesn't mean it's not possible. Previously, there was a defaults write command that changed the interval in one fell swoop, but since version 10.7 this has stopped working. This tip will show you which file to edit and how to achieve the desired results. It will also show you how to check if backups are indeed working as expected and within the defined backup interval.Read More…
  • Customization
    How to Give Your Mac a Performance BoostRandomchip
    Mac's aren't cheap. Everybody knows that. And when you spent $2,000 or more on your shiny new computer, you expected it to be fast and stay that way. But to your disappointment it wasn't like that and that shiny new computer is now basically just a really expensive progress bar. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. In this tutorial we will go over the things you can to do speed up your Mac, and restore the love you once felt for your investment.Read More…