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  • Apple Watch
    Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Apple WatchApplewatchtandt
    The Apple Watch has been out for a few days now. This tutorial lists number of tips and tricks, some of which you may not have discovered yet, in order that you can get the most from the Apple Watch.Read More…
  • OS X
    Check Reddit from OS X TerminalTerminal
    In this tutorial, I will show you how to surf Reddit from Terminal using basic Ruby code syntax, Reddit's JSON feed explaining how it will help the script run, how to parse the JSON feed and display it and how to alias the script to a simple command.Read More…
  • Tips & Shortcuts
    Quick Tip: Bulk Add Words to Your Mac's Spell Check DictionarySpelling
    The OS X built-in spell check is great, but it is not complete. It often does not include technical terms or brand names. If you routinely use words that your Mac’s dictionary doesn’t contain, and don't want the hassle of adding them one at a time, it might be worth your while bulk adding a list of words. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do just that.Read More…
  • Tips & Shortcuts
    How to Install the 30 Years of Mac Computer Font on Your MacMacfont400
    Apple is celebrating 30 years of the Mac. As part of their website to mark the event, Apple has made available a rather special TrueType Font. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to download and use the special Apple font that contains the different Mac models from the last 30 years.Read More…
  • Tips & Shortcuts
    How to Remove DRM From Your Music With iTunes MatchItunes match 400
    In the heyday of illegal music-sharing services, iTunes was a beacon of light to the recording industry because Apple's service incorporated Digital Rights Management (DRM) to discourage piracy. Now that DRM for music is largely a thing of the past, how can you cost-effectively free your music from Apple’s Fair Play protection? In this tutorial, I’ll provide an inexpensive workaround that makes stripping DRM easy by employing Apple's iTunes Match service.Read More…
  • Tips & Shortcuts
    Screen Capturing and Screen Recording Like a BossIphoto400
    Have you ever wanted to share a picture of your screen?  Or a recording of your screen and voice?  Have you ever wondered how we make these screencasts?  Well, wonder no longer!  In this tutorial, I will demonstrate two different ways to grab screenshots and two different ways to record your screen with audio.Read More…
  • Tips & Shortcuts
    10 Tips for Post-Processing Images in iPhotoIphoto icon
    You don’t need Photoshop to make your photos look good. Not only is it difficult to learn all of the fancy features it offers, it’s also not necessary for you to spend nearly half your Mac’s value on a photo editor when Apple includes one for free. You’ve undoubtedly heard of iPhoto, a photo management app developed by Apple and pre-installed on all Macs. It looks basic, but there’s a lot of power hiding behind that edit button. In this tutorial, I’ll show you ten ways to make your photos look more professional using iPhoto.Read More…
  • OS X
    8 Ways to Use Calculator and Grapher as Math AidsCalculator
    School is just about to start again, and of course Apple has its yearly Back to School promotion for students who need a new computer. Whether it’s the included iLife suite with GarageBand, or Pages — which is a fantastic budget alternative to Microsoft Word — Apple’s computers continue to be sought after by university and high school students alike. What most people don’t know is that there are other hidden resources on the Mac that can help out with tedious school assignments. In this tutorial I’ll be explaining ten good uses of Calculator and Grapher, two apps included with OS X, for students enrolled in mathematics.Read More…
  • OS X
    Quick Tip: 5 Ways to Enhance the Way You Use DictationDictation retina
    When Siri Dictation arrived on iOS, consumers were excited to finally have an alternative to typing text messages and emails. Since its initial release in October 2011, the feature has improved significantly in its ability to accurately interpret what you’re saying. With the release of Mountain Lion last year, Apple added Dictation to its desktop operating system to lessen the need for typing OS-wide. Most people don’t know about the feature, though, and those who do neglect to use it. In this tutorial I will list a few ways you can make Dictation a true “intelligent assistant”.Read More…
  • OS X
    Quick Tip: Viewing Photo Stream Photos Outside of iPhotoPhotostream400
    Photo Stream is a fantastic service that synchronises photos taken on your iDevice with all of your other Apple devices. It does this automatically, over the internet and without you having to do anything. There is something quite magical about being able to snap a charming photo of your niece covered in cake and, by the time you have walked over to your Mac, the photo will be sitting there ready for you to edit, share or do whatever you want with it. The only problem here is that you would have to pop into iPhoto if you wanted to see the image. I actually really enjoy iPhoto and think it is a great piece of software to manage my photos. Yet it is not the quickest app to launch, and many find that it simply takes too much effort to launch and locate the correct part of the app, just to see one photo. In this tutorial I will show you how you can get a folder showing your Photo Stream and avoid touching iPhoto at all, providing you have Mac OS X 10.7.2 or later.Read More…
  • OS X
    Quick Tip: Tweak Time Machine Backup IntervalQt timemachineinterval 400
    Time Machine first made it's debut in OS X 10.5 "Leopard". It's Apple's backup utility that comes bundled with the system and works silently in the background without needing user intervention (provided it's set up that is). By default, Time Machine will perform incremental backups every hour. While this is a sensible default, there may be times when another interval would be desirable. Unfortunately, there is no setting that allows a user to easily achieve this but that doesn't mean it's not possible. Previously, there was a defaults write command that changed the interval in one fell swoop, but since version 10.7 this has stopped working. This tip will show you which file to edit and how to achieve the desired results. It will also show you how to check if backups are indeed working as expected and within the defined backup interval.Read More…
  • Safari
    Quick Tip: How to Use Safari’s Reading ListIcon reading 2x
    Safari’s built-in Reading List makes it easy to save pages and articles that you’d like to read later. In this Quick Tip you’ll find out take advantage of your Reading List. Read More…