• Flash
    How to Uninstall, Disable and Remove Adobe FlashFlashtrash
    In this tutorial I'll show you how to trash Adobe Flash. With an increasing number of zero-day vulnerabilities, affecting the plug-in, it's time to consider life after Flash. Read More…
  • Backups
    The Tuts+ Guide to Backing up Your PCHow to backup your pc
    Files once lost from a hard drive are difficult, and sometimes impossible to retrieve. Backing up files is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up. Follow our quick guide to protecting your files from loss.Read More…
  • Backups
    How to Restore Old Versions of Files From AnywhereTimemachine
    Losing a page of your novel just because you hit the wrong button isn't the end. Learn how to recover old revisions of your files from anywhere.Read More…
  • App Training
    How to Work the Most Productively With Your Widescreen MonitorDivvy icon
    You've got lots of real-estate on your screen. Put it to work the best with these tools that'll help you multitask without having to constantly switch between windows.Read More…
  • Windows
    Getting Started With Listary, the Alfred for PCsListary icon
    You've seen our tutorials on speeding up your workflow with Alfred for Mac. Listary is the next best option for your Windows PC, and here's everything you need to get started with it.Read More…
  • Switching & Migration
    How to Run Windows on Your MacApplewindows2
    Ever since Apple switched to Intel architecture back in 2006, Macs have been able to run Microsoft Windows natively without any kind of emulation software, such as Microsoft Virtual PC. Why would you want to use Windows, I hear you scream, when OS X is a perfectly good operating system? Well, you might have some software that only works on Windows (specialist software, for example) or you may just fancy a change from OS X. Whatever your reason, let's see how you can get Windows up and running on your Mac.Read More…