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10 Best Free Mac Photo Apps


Photography is one of the few universal art forms that everyone can participate in, and digital photography more than any other form of photography has expanded the possibilities of what we can do with our photographs. As a result, there are tons of great photo apps available today for Mac users, and many of them happily are free.

For this article I’ve selected the best free photo apps available for Mac owners. They run the gamut from image editing to time saving to purely fun and creative apps. 

All are free, but most invite you to upgrade for a fee, in order to access an ad-free or more feature-rich version of the app.

1. PhotoScape X

Digital photography has come a long way, and it is easy to capture quite amazing photos with any of the range of cameras currently available on the market. 

No matter how great your photos are, however, a photo editing app will prove useful in correcting small common problems in photos, like colour cast, exposure problems, red-eye or unwanted objects. For such times, a top-notch image editor like PhotoScape X is ideal. 

PhotoScape X
PhotoScape X

PhotoScape helps you fix problems and enhance photos in an easy and intuitive way. Key features include a viewer, to see photos in their folders, and an editor that allows you to resize, adjust exposure and colour, crop, add filters and remove red-eye, etc. 

Then there's a whole host of features that allow you to have a bit of fun with photos, by adding text or drawing on your photos, adding frames or balloons, or creating animated GIFs.  

User Bethbug96 says:

“This product is absolutely amazing. I love how much you can do and so easily. It is my favorite and my absolute go-to app for photo editing, graphic creating/altering, collage making and tons more. I highly recommend it to anybody who does any kind of editing of any sort. It is AWESOME!”

2. Photo Collage Maker

If you want to have a bit of fun with your photos, try the Photo Collage Maker. It allows you to arrange a selection of photos in three different collage layout styles, customise their backgrounds, and add text and frames to your creations. 

You can also create greeting cards which you can send out by email.

Photo Collage Maker
Photo Collage Maker

User curleyR says:

“I’ve tried these kinds of apps in the past with difficulty; this one works very well! Adding photos works well, and adding text works especially well!”

3. Photos Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate photos are a big problem in digital photography, and weeding them out can involve a tedious and time-consuming search through your folders and files. 

The Photos Duplicate Cleaner is the perfect app for keeping duplication under control and freeing up precious disk space on your Mac and external drives. 

Photos Duplicate Cleaner
Photos Duplicate Cleaner

Just point the app to a particular folder, and it will highlight duplicate photos so that it’s easy identify photos that are exactly the same regardless of how they’re titled. The app then gives you the option to delete all duplicates and preserve the original. You can select or unselect groups of duplicate photos before deciding to delete them.

User Queen_Julie says of Photos Duplicate Cleaner:

“After getting a new Mac, I wanted to transfer all my pictures, but it turned out that on my last storage space I had loads of duplicates. The app quickly and neatly pointed out the duplicates and even though it allows you to mark up all duplicates you want to get rid of manually, it also had an ‘auto mark-up’ option, which was literally a life saver when it came to all my 13,000 duplicates. Amazing!”

4. Mimeo Photos

Instead of buying cards and calendars, put those wonderful photos sitting on your hard drive to use with the Mimeo Photos app. 

Mimeo Photos
Mimeo Photos

The app allows you to create your own personally designed cards, calendars and photo books from photos in your own photo archive. You can make use of the wide range of themes and templates available or create your own projects from scratch.

5. PhotoSync 

If you're looking for the best way to transfer, back up and share photos then PhotoSync for Mac help you transfer photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to a computer via a Wi-Fi connection. 

Back up photos automatically on a computer hard-drive, a wireless mobile storage device, or a cloud service of your choice. You can transfer photos from a computer directly into the camera roll or selected album on a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Note: This application needs the iOS version of PhotoSync which costs $2.99, installed and running on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

User StaySafe Dave says of PhotoSync:

“Absolutely brilliant for transferring video and pictures easily between my Mac and iPhone without complications.”

6. SuperPhoto

If you’re a bit bored with straight photos and want to experiment with creating something a bit more arty, then check out SuperPhoto

The app offers over 200 free and amazing effects like filters, 3D, frames, textures, patterns, Bokeh, brushes an more for you to experiment with to transform photos with stunning results.


Download SuperPhoto and put your creativity to good use. Remember though, a little goes a long way.

7. Wix Photo Albums

With Wix Photo Albums you can create beautiful online photo albums from the photo library. Each album is customised by using advanced image settings and adding titles and descriptions. 

Wix Photo Albums
Wix Photo Albums

You can share albums with family and friends by sending them a link. They'll be able to show the photos they really like by clicking a heart button and can also easily download images.

8. MovingPhotos3D

MovingPhotos3D is one of those apps that you don’t need but once you have it you can become addicted. Quite simply, the app extracts photos from a library or any folder you choose and sends them flying around your computer screen before they eventually form one cool 3D shape after another.


User Ian Harrow says of MovingPhotos3D:

“Beautiful app to show off photos which operates either standalone or as a screensaver. Full instructions on developers web site. Very responsive support from the developer. I can recommend strongly.”

9. Zeitraffer

The beauty of Zeitraffer is that it gives you a simple tool for creating time-lapse movies using multiple images. 

You need to shoot the consecutive images for use in the time-lapse beforehand, but once you’ve done so and uploaded them to the hard drive, select the folder the images are in, press the export button to make a time-lapse movie and the app does the rest. 

Additionally, there's the option to set file order, frame rate, output size and file format if you so desire.


User Dhjbxxbjea says of Zeitraffer:

“Whilst there are plenty of other apps in the app store which do time-lapse video which cost money (some silly amounts), this does the same job for free.”

10. Mosamic

The Mosamic app is another fun app that can add another dimension to photos by turning them into fabulous mosaics in a few simple steps. 

Open the app, press the Create a new mosaic button, select an image you want to turn into a mosaic, decide how you want the mosaic to look, then press the Create mosaic image button and that's it.


User CyberGoals says:

“Great little app. No guesswork. Great layout.”


Well there you have it, the 10 best free Mac photo apps currently to be found in the App Store. If you have a favourite that I haven’t mentioned, please drop a mention in the comments.

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