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Create, Manage and Send Group Emails on a Mac



The ability to manage, group, and send mass emails can be a massive time saver. And the native applications couldn't make it any easier! In this quick tip, I'll show you how to add and group contacts on your Mac and how to mass email to those groups. I will also encourage some basic email etiquette along the way.

The Setup

Open the Contacts application and click the + button in the lower right area. Choose New Contact from the drop down menu. Add the contact's information, then click Done. Repeat this process for each contact you want to group/manage. At minimum, be sure to insert a name and email address for each contact.

Adding cards to Contacts
Adding cards to Contacts

Creating Groups

Once all of the contacts have been added, click the + button again. This time, choose New Group. Give the group a name and hit return. Click on the All Contacts group to see all of your contacts again. Go through each contact and drag/drop them into their respective groups.

Grouping your contacts
Grouping your contacts

Sending Mass Email

Once the groups are set, choose the one you want to send a mass email to. Right click on that group and choose the Send Email to option.

Starting a mass email for a group in Contacts
Starting a mass email for a group in Contacts

Mail will automatically launch and fire up a blank email screen with names of all the contacts in the group pre-filled in the To: field. Alternatively, you may now enter any group name into the To: field in MailMail will automatically replace that name with the contacts in the group as soon as you click off the field.

Fill the subject and body, then prepare to send.  Before you actually hit the send button though, keep a few things in mind:

  1. SPAM is never okay! Ever. Only send email to people you know personally.
  2. If you leave all of the contacts in the To: field, they will be able to see everyone else's email address.
  3. To hide the names and email addresses of your recipients from each other, put your email address in the To: field and move everyone else's to the Bcc: field. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This means Mail will send a copy of the email to each address without listing that address in the email header. Keeping your recipient's email address private is generally considered proper email etiquette.
  4. This solution is designed for smaller groups of about 10-20 people per group.  If you need a more robust email or contact management solution, I would strongly recommend MailChimp. Their Entrepreneur package allows 2,000 subscribers, and up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free of charge.

A Quicker Way

Once the groups have been set you may also use them directly in Mail

When composing a new email, add your email address in the To: field. Tab down to the Bcc: field and type the name of the group you wish to mass email. Upon tabbing out of the field, you will see it auto-populate with all of the members. Fill in the Subject and Body of the email and fire away!

Adding groups directly in a new email
Adding groups directly in a new email


The power to communicate on a mass level is awesome.  It frees up time and allows for consistent communication.  Thankfully Mac makes it dead simple to accomplish.

Using a couple of built in applications you are able to create, manage and send group emails with ease.  Enjoy!

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