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Dan Benjamin on Running the Best Podcast Network on The Web


He created "NPR for geeks", and with massively popular shows including Hypercritical, Build and Analyze, Back to Work, and Amplified, Dan Benjamin is perhaps one of the most prolific technology podcasters around. In addition to his personal talent, Dan's 5by5 Network is currently home to over thirty shows, with topics ranging from health and fitness to app development. In the late summer of this year, I had a chance to talk to Dan for about an hour about his career, podcasting, and of course, his setup. This is that interview, uncut and in its entirety. Enjoy!

The man of the hour / Photo © 2011 Bill Wadman

The Interview

While we usually publish our interviews in text, it seemed only fitting that the interview with one of the Internet's most popular podcasters should be conducted and published in audio form. With that in mind, you can listen to the interview using the player below, or download the MP3 here.

Thanks, Dan!

As an aspiring podcaster myself,  Dan's work is nothing short of inspiring. He's also an incredibly busy guy, so I really appreciate him taking the time to sit down and chat. If you have any questions or comments for Dan, feel free to leave them in the comments below. In the meantime, be sure to follow Dan on Twitter and to check out  some of his shows on 5by5; if you're looking for a recommendation, my current favorite is his daily talk show with Haddie Cooke, The Frequency.

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