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Tuts+ Mac Podcast 1: Backups


This is the first episode of the exciting new Tuts+ Mac Podcast! In this episode Johnny and Jordan kick things off with a discussion about backups. You can listen below, or subscribe on iTunes.

Jordan and Johnny discuss accidental deletions, failing hard drives and lost or stolen Macs as being important reasons for backing up your data.

From Apple's own Time Machine, to make backups as simple as possible, Jordan suggests backup strategies that include Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! to incorporate clones into your backup regime.

Offsite backup solutions, such as Crashplan and BackBlaze, are explored with discussion turning to iTunes Match, iCloud, DropBox and Google Docs and their part in ensuring that your data is as safe as houses.

If you would like to read more about backing up your data, take a look at our series of tutorials on Data Backups and Storage.

A huge word of thanks to Pixelmator for making this podcast possible.

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