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Winner Announced: Submit Your Mac Tips & Tricks to Win $1,000!

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We're excited to let you know about our Mactuts+ launch competition, giving you the chance to win $1,000 to put towards a new Mac! You just need to submit a short screencast that showcases your favourite OS X tip, trick, or shortcut.

Read on to find out all the details about how to enter. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Congratulations to Joseph Darnell!

A huge thank you goes out to all the people who worked so hard to submit great content to this competition. We received so many awesome screencasts and the decision was quite difficult!

Be sure to watch the winning video below, which walks users through setting up different user accounts for keeping your files and accounts separated based on whether you're at work or at home.

Watch the video for a quick overview of the methods in the article.

But I Worked So Hard!

Disappointed that you didn't win? Don't be. If we liked what your work, we'll likely be contacting you soon about the possibility of contributing paid content on a regular basis.

Submit Your Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

We'd love to find out more about how you use your Mac productively, and discover the tips and tricks that help to speed up your workflow. These might be related to a particular app, something built into OS X, an automator action, terminal command, or anything else!

All you need to do in order to enter the competition is:

  1. Record a screencast of your favourite tip, trick, or shortcut (less than two minutes long, smaller than 25MB)
  2. Write a short description of how it works / why you think it's so useful

Submit both of these to us, and we'll feature our favourites on the site next month in a special roundup of tips and tricks!

We'll also be using this process to find a few awesome writers for Mactuts+, so this is your chance to impress us with your writing, screencasting, and Mac knowledge!

How to Enter

Entering is really simple. Just record your short screencast (bearing the below guidelines in mind), and submit your entry here:

Submit your Mac Tip

To stand the best chance of winning, be sure to:

  • Submit your screencast in 1280×720 HD, as an MP4 or MOV
  • Record audio using a high quality microphone
  • Use the Mactuts+ wallpaper as your desktop background

Terms and Conditions

  • The winner of the prize will be chosen by the Mactuts+ editor, based on which screencast they think is the most informative, unique, and professional.
  • Our decision on the best entry will be final.
  • Entries will close at midnight, 30th July
  • The winner will be contacted via email, on or before 6th August
  • We will be publishing a selection of our favourite entries on Mactuts+. By submitting a screencast, you're giving us permission to publish it on the site.
  • The prize will be distributed based on cash value — the winner of the competition will be sent US$1,000 via PayPal. You'll need a PayPal account to accept the prize!
  • Envato staff, contractors, and regular writers (anyone who has contributed two or more articles to the Tuts+ network) are not eligible to enter.

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