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How to Become a Writer for Mactuts+

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Are you addicted to all things Apple? Are you an Apple Mac evangelist? Do you love to help others? Do you like to share your tips, tricks and encyclopaedic knowledge of OS X?

If this sounds like you, then you might just be the perfect candidate to contribute tutorials and quick tips to Tuts+. We’re constantly on the look-out for new regular authors and contributors, so read on to discover more…

What We’re Looking For

This month, we’re putting out a general call for expert writers who are experienced with Apple Macs, both software and hardware, and with OS X, iLife and iWork. Whatever your specific area of expertise, it’s highly likely that you have valuable knowledge and experience to share with our readers.

Whilst English need not be your first language, you must be comfortable with, and well versed in, the English language. We will proof your submissions but we can’t rewrite your work. To put it simply, if you struggle when deciding whether to write its or it’s, this might not be the gig for you.

Pitch a Tutorial!

Here at Tuts+, we believe in earning and learning. We pay fantastic rates to all of our writers, ranging from around $80 for a quick tip, around $150 for a full tutorial and on to $200 or more for a screencast or particularly in-depth piece of work.

The details vary depending on the piece in question, so get in touch with us to pitch your tutorial:

We strongly believe, at Tuts+, that everyone has unique ideas to share and techniques they come across as they work and experiment. We’d love to hear your creative content ideas and look forward to potentially working with you.

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