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Quick Tip: Fly Through Finder With Keyboard Shortcuts

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The Finder is an integral part of OS X. You'd be hard pressed to use your Mac without using the Finder, yet chances are you don't use it as efficiently as possible. Traversing the filesystem searching for that elusive file you need to work on can sometimes be tedious, laborious even.

In this quick tip, I'll show you the power of keyboard shortcuts and how they can vastly increase the efficiency with which you traverse the filesystem. As an added bonus, I'll show you how to use Automator to take this one step further, gaining quick access to important and frequently accessed data.


Quick Tip: Fly Through Finder With Keyboard Shortcuts

Additional Resources

As you may imagine, keyboard shortcuts aren't limited to the Finder. In fact most apps are very rich in keyboard shortcuts and learning them all can at times be somewhat of a challenge. Fortunately there are a few apps that can aid you in that endeavour.

  • CheatSheet — A free and simple app that runs in the background. When holding the CMD key for a set interval of time, the app will activate showing all available keyboard shortcuts for the current app;
  • KeyCue — While not free, this app has a great deal more depth to it, allowing for themes, user-definable shortcuts, system wide global shortcuts and much more.
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