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Quick Tip: How to Rename Email Flags in

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Keeping email well organized is a challenge all of us face. Tags, Flags, and Inbox Zero. This short article isn't going to solve all your email woes, but will give you a quick tip to help you on your way to email nirvana. on the Mac has a nice built in feature called Flags. Using flags helps to categorize and even note the priority of a message. Rather than keep a taxonomy floating in your head, I'll show you how to give email flags meaningful names.

First open and make sure the Mailboxes sidebar is open. If it's not open click the Mailboxes button.

Mailboxes and FlagsMailboxes and FlagsMailboxes and Flags
Mailboxes and Flags

Select a message in the inbox. Click the dropdown next to the flag button in the toolbar. You'll see a list of all the color labeled flags and an option to clear a flag. Choose the Green flag option for a message.

Setting a flagSetting a flagSetting a flag
Setting a flag

Expand the Flagged menu on the left panel to see a view of how many messages have been flagged.

Expand Flagged viewExpand Flagged viewExpand Flagged view
Expand Flagged view

Select the Green flag and press the Return key. You'll be prompted to edit the flag's name.

Rename a flagRename a flagRename a flag
Rename a flag

Type in a descriptive name, such as Web Dev and press the Return key to set the new name.

Choosing a good flag nameChoosing a good flag nameChoosing a good flag name
Choosing a good flag name

Finally, click the dropdown menu again next to the flag button. Notice that the new name for the green flag also shows up in the dropdown menu. This provides better context when setting your mail flags.

The new flag name is now activeThe new flag name is now activeThe new flag name is now active
The new flag name is now active

Now that you're armed with the ability to rename your mail flags, spend a little time thinking about categories that make sense for you. Take out an old fashioned pencil and notepad and write down some ideas. Here's my current list with colors in parenthesis for reference only:

  • Overdue (Red)
  • Followup (Orange)
  • Leads (Yellow)
  • Learning (Green)

Once you have your list, follow the steps in the tutorial again and set names for your flags. You're now one step closer to email enlightenment.

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