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Quick Tip: Recording Skype Calls, for Free, on a Mac

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Whether you're a budding podcaster or just looking to keep records of important conversations, in this tutorial I'll show you how to create high quality recordings of your Skype conversations with GarageBand, a few free utilities, and some virtual elbow grease. 

When finished, you'll have taken your recording setup to the next level all without spending a dime.

While there are plenty of commercial applications to record Skype calls, you can accomplish this same task with the robust feature-set of GarageBand 10.0 and two audio routing tools called SoundFlower and LineIn, respectively. It's a somewhat complicated process, but in this tutorial, I'll show you how to do it in just about seven minutes. 



Let me know in the comments below what you will be recording; just remember to use your newfound recording powers wisely. 

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