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Be Properly Prepared to Successfully Order an iPhone X


The tech press is full of stories of iPhone X production issues that will constrain supply when it’s launched. To be in with the best chance of securing one on the first day, follow this guide.

Pre-order and Launch Dates

Timeis can work out times around the world
Time.is can work out times around the world

The pre-order for iPhone X starts from 0801hrs on Friday 27th October in the United Kingdom. That translates to 0001hrs in California, 0301hrs in New York, 0901hrs in Europe, 1301hrs in Hong Kong and 1801hrs in Sydney.

Before pre-orders open, there’s a number of things you should do to be prepared. To be successful in the pre-order phase, it is necessary to be prepared as the iPhone X is expected to sell out within minutes as availability will be on a first-come first-served basis.

The iPhone X will be delivered, or available for collection from Apple Stores, on Friday 3rd November.

Set a Calendar Reminder

Setting a reminder on iPad
Setting a reminder on iPad

This is, perhaps, the most obvious thing to do. Open Reminders on a Mac or iPhone and create a reminder. Be sure to set some alarms something like 15 minutes. 

If you set an appointment in Calendar, you'll be able to set multiple alarms, say 15 mintues, one hour and two hours ahead of 0800hrs,. Assuming you’re in the UK. Use the appropriate time for your time-zone.

Download the Apple Store App for iOS

Download the Apple Store App for iOS
Download the Apple Store App for iOS

In previous years, I’ve experienced issues ordering from the Apple website whereas orders placed via the Apple Store app, for iPhone and iPad, has been much easier.

I’m not suggesting that Apple prioritises orders from the app over the website; I am suggesting that it is best to be prepared with both options open to you on the day.

Visit the App Store on iOS and download the Apple Store app if you have not already done so. Ensure that you log in with your iCloud ID so that you’re not frantically looking for log-in details when you need to be placing an order.

Bookmark the iPhone X Web Page

Bookmark the iPhone X Web Page
Bookmark the iPhone X Web Page

In Safari on a Mac, visit the Apple website and bookmark the iPhone X page so that you’re ready to place an order.

On the 27th October, turn on the Mac, open Safari and navigate straight there with a click. If you prefer, you can always temporarily set the iPhone X page as the browser home page meaning that you’ll be straight there when you open Safari.

Decide Now on Which Model Option

Choose which colour and memory size you require
Choose which colour and memory size you require

Over the last few years, Apple’s product range has grown somewhat beyond the good, better, best options that Steve Jobs’ rationalised product lines down to.

With the iPhone X you only have, fortunately, a choice of two colours and two memory sizes. It comes in Space Grey or Silver each with a choice of 64GB or 256GB memory.

Apple has been very clever with the memory options. 64GB is perfectly usable but is unlikely to be enough for power users or those that take lots of photo and video. The jump to 256GB, that is arguably the better option, adds some 15% to the already high price of the device.

The iPhone X costs £999/$999, in the UK/US, for the 64GB model. The 256GB model will set you back £1149/$1149. 

You may question the GBP to USD parity. Apple quotes iPhones without tax in the US and inclusive of tax in the UK. At current rates, $999 converts to around £760. 

Add 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) to the UK price and you’ll get £912. Apples cites the difference in price as “costs of doing business” in the UK.

Favourite the iPhone X

Favourite is denoted by the blue heart the App Store will remember the choice you made
Favourite is denoted by the blue heart, the App Store will remember the choice you made

Whether you choose to use the Apple website or the iOS app, be sure to favourite the iPhone X model that you want to order. This will save you precious seconds when it comes to order.

Upgrade Eligibility

Checking phone upgrade eligibility
Checking phone upgrade eligibility

If you bought a previous iPhone on Apple’s upgrade plan, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade once you’ve made 11 payments. Bear in mind that iPhones hold very good residual values and upgrading means that you’ll be exchanging the current model for the iPhone X.

If you treat this as a rental or a lease, much as how many people now finance cars and how Apple is moving in order to sell very expensive mobile phones, then that’s fine. 

You may, however, wish to hand down an existing iPhone to a family member or sell it privately in order to raise funds. Either way, you’ll need to pay off any remaining instalments first.

If you are currently on Apple’s Upgrade Plan, check your eligibility on Apple’s website or in the Apple Store iOS app. 

Credit Card Available Funds

Check that you have available funds for the purchase
Check that you have available funds for the purchase

This is an important one. In the days before pre-order, check that your credit card has sufficient available funds for a purchase. If it doesn't, you’ll not be able to buy an iPhone X.

Contact the credit card provider or log into your account on the web or app to check.

There’s a good reason to purchase by credit card, rather than debit card. In the UK you’ll be covered under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act that makes the credit card company jointly liable for any issues that may develop. This is useful additional protection to have.

Add Credit Card to Apple Pay

Ensure that your credit card is added to Apple Pay
Ensure that your credit card is added to Apple Pay

Don’t overlook this. It’s best to check that your credit card has both been added and verified to Apple Pay and that it is the primary card to use if you have more than one credit or debit card verified with Apple Pay. 

Credit Check Considerations

Check your credit score
Check your credit score

If you’re planning on purchasing via the Apple Upgrade programme, your application will be subject to a further credit check. 

Think carefully about whether you wish to do this. If, for example, you’re planning to apply for a mortgage or remortgage in the next few months, credit searches may have an impact. 

It will be better to consider buying outright or waiting until you’ve sufficient funds rather than applying for credit. 


The iPhone X is reportedly going to be in high demand and short supply. Following the tips in this tutorial will help your order be successful. 

Just don’t place your order until I’ve successfully ordered my iPhone X!

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