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Friday Is Pi Day! (And Arduino)


Our new site Tuts+, of which Mactuts+ is a part, is all about helping people learn.  We're passionate about helping people and we have a team of authors all wanting to impart their skills, knowledge and tips. This helps our readers become more proficient in what they do, learn new things and make suggestions to us.

Now we're taking Computing a step further with a foray into electronics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino tutorials.

Raspberry Pi and Arduino are exciting developments in computers and learning, so as part of the Computing section, of the new Tuts+ Hub, we are introducing new content to cover these popular areas of interest.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

From now on, we are turning over every Friday, on Mactuts, to be Pi Day (and Arduino as well) where we will publish a tutorial, screencast or quick tip relating to the subject of electronics, programming and projects for these popular hobby kits, to help you get the most out of them.

If there are any particular tutorials that you would like to see, in relation to Raspberry Pi and Arduino, then be sure to get in touch via the contact form (Select Mactuts+ as your destination) to let me know. Of course, you can also post in the discussion at the end of this post!

I hope that you enjoy this new content and that, perhaps, it inspires you to try something new!

We'll be publishing our first Raspberry Pi project tutorial, shortly...

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