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One-Stop Content Management for iPhone, iPad, Android and Cloud Services

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AnyTrans is a desktop-based application that manages the content on iPhone and iPad mobile devices. It can also manage data held in cloud drives and and on Android devices.

With support for more than 30 different types of data files, AnyTrans affords an easy-to-use file transfer solution to move data between different devices.

It's not just between devices and cloud drives, the AnyTrans app allows you to manage the data on mobile devices themselves.

Data can be transferred between multiple devices using Wi-Fi.

AnyTrans: the One-Stop Content Manager

AnyTrans the One-Stop Content ManagerAnyTrans the One-Stop Content ManagerAnyTrans the One-Stop Content Manager
AnyTrans: the One-Stop Content Manager

AnyTrans enables easy-to-use for transfer functionality for:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Cloud Services

AnyTrans for iOS Explained

The iMobie websiteThe iMobie websiteThe iMobie website
The iMobie website

AnyTrans for iOS is a tool, available for macOS and Windows machines, that gives you more control over the data on your mobile phone and how you manage it.

What this means, practically, is that it’s an app that’s downloaded to a Windows PC or a Mac. The name AnyTrans for iOS may, confusingly, lead some to believe it’s a iPhone and/or iPad app.

Clicking on the AnyTrans for iOS on the iMobie website takes you to a page for AnyTrans, which is how I’ll refer to it throughout the rest of this article.

Downloading AnyTrans

Download AnyTrans for Windows and Mac platformsDownload AnyTrans for Windows and Mac platformsDownload AnyTrans for Windows and Mac platforms
Download AnyTrans for Windows and Mac platforms

Getting started is simple. The application is available on the iMobie website for both Windows and macOS and is compatible with all versions of each operating system. 

This means that managing a mobile device from a computer is within the power of almost all computer users. That's incredible!

Installing AnyTrans

Installing AnyTrans - select the iPhone and iPad ManagerInstalling AnyTrans - select the iPhone and iPad ManagerInstalling AnyTrans - select the iPhone and iPad Manager
Installing AnyTrans - select the iPhone and iPad Manager

In this tutorial, I'll be using the Mac version of AnyTrans

Download the appropriate installer, anytrans-install-en-setup.exe for Windows PCs or anytrans-install-en-mac.dmg for Apple's macOS.

When you run the installer, you'll see a window similar to that shown above. Select the Install button for iPhone and iPad Manager.

Getting Started With AnyTrans

The main screen of the AnyTrans appThe main screen of the AnyTrans appThe main screen of the AnyTrans app
The main screen of the AnyTrans app

On installing AnyTrans, you'll see a neatly laid-out and easy to understand window with navigation on the left, the main vertical pane containing details about the iOS device. 

The upper right pane contains content categories for quick management and the lower right pane has quick-start icons that afford additional functionality.

At the top of the pane there are buttons to Unlock Full Version of the software, a Feedback form, a question mark that links to iOS FAQs via the iMobie website and an account profile icon.


The navigation menu down the left hand side of the app can be expanded and contracted by means of a discreet single chevron in the bottom left hand corner. The image above shows the menu in the expanded form.

Device Manager 

AnyTrans app navigationAnyTrans app navigationAnyTrans app navigation
AnyTrans app navigation

In the image above currently selected, Device Manager shows an image of the home-screen of the phone, in this case my iPhone X, with the actual icons that are on the home-screen.

Phone Switcher

AnyTrans Phone SwitcherAnyTrans Phone SwitcherAnyTrans Phone Switcher
AnyTrans Phone Switcher

This opens a new panel with options to switch data from Phone to iPhone (which means Android to iPhone and also iPhone to iPhone transfer) with just one click. There are also options to Backup to iPhone with full or selective data restoration functionality. This is not a feature for making backups, rather it's a feature for transferring data directly from iTunes or AnyTrans Backups to an iPhone.

Cloud to iPhone transfers data from Google Drive or iCloud to an iPhone. Then there's Cloud to Cloud, Apps to iPhone and Erase Phone options.

Scroll to the right, by clicking on the discreet arrow, to reveal buttons for Android to iCloud and Android to iTunes functionality.

iCloud Manager

AnyTrans iCloud ManagerAnyTrans iCloud ManagerAnyTrans iCloud Manager
AnyTrans iCloud Manager

This sections requires you to sign into iCloud with the AppleID that you use. Once done, AnyTrans is able to display your AppleID avatar, how much space your using in iCloud and then separate icons to manage content. These are:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Photo Video
  • Reminders, and 
  • Notes

iTunes Library

AnyTrans iTunes LibraryAnyTrans iTunes LibraryAnyTrans iTunes Library
AnyTrans iTunes Library

In this section, select between Playlists and Ringtones and use AnyTrans to transfer information between the computer and the iPhone.

Backup Manager

AnyTrans Backup ManagerAnyTrans Backup ManagerAnyTrans Backup Manager
AnyTrans Backup Manager

This is some powerful functionality with AnyTrans helping you conduct a Full Backup, an Incremental Backup or a Restore from backup.

Further, AnyTrans can be set up to backup the iOS device whenever it's on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. They call this Air Backup.

Social Messages Manager

AnyTrans Social Messages ManagerAnyTrans Social Messages ManagerAnyTrans Social Messages Manager
AnyTrans Social Messages Manager

This section of AnyTrans allows you to move social messages between iPhones or to back them up to the computer. The social networks covered by this functionality are WhatsApp, Line and Viber.

Media Downloader

AnyTrans Media DownloaderAnyTrans Media DownloaderAnyTrans Media Downloader
AnyTrans Media Downloader

Download videos and audio from anywhere on the internet with the AnyTrans Media Downloader. Search by keywords or paste in an URL link and search for the media.

The Media Downloader covers more than a thousand popular websites including favourites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Ringtone Maker

AnyTrans Ringtone MakerAnyTrans Ringtone MakerAnyTrans Ringtone Maker
AnyTrans Ringtone Maker

In a similar fashion to the Media Downloader you can search for music on the internet to download for the purpose of making a ringtone. Alternatively, you may drag-and-drop and audio file from iTunes, elsewhere on the computer or from the iOS device.

Ringtones that you create are stored in the AnyTrans ringtone library.

App Downloader

AnyTrans App DownloaderAnyTrans App DownloaderAnyTrans App Downloader
AnyTrans App Downloader

By signing in with your AppleID, you can download apps from the Japanese, Chinese, American, Spanish, French and German Apple App Stores. Interestingly, there's no option for the United Kingdom on the list at the moment.

Screen Mirroring

AnyTrans Screen MirroringAnyTrans Screen MirroringAnyTrans Screen Mirroring
AnyTrans Screen Mirroring

AnyTrans Screen MirroringAnyTrans Screen MirroringAnyTrans Screen Mirroring
AnyTrans Screen Mirroring

This is a fantastic feature of AnyTrans in itself and one that you'd expect as a separate, standalone app. The fact that it's including in AnyTrans helps pile on the value for money for this app.

Simple instructions will have you mirroring the screen of the iOS device on the computer. The iOS device can be mirrored in both portrait and landscape orientations with options to record the screen or capture images from it.


AnyTrans app device informationAnyTrans app device informationAnyTrans app device information
AnyTrans app device information

Clicking on the name of the device at the top opens a small drop-down menu to add another iOS device. The three dots to the top right of the allow for further Info, Exit, Restart and Turn Off.

Manage Content

AnyTrans app manage device contentAnyTrans app manage device contentAnyTrans app manage device content
AnyTrans app manage device content

This section has icons for regular things that you may wish to manage on the iOS device. Clicking on each icon takes you into that area. By default you may choose from:

  • Photos
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Messages
  • Apps, and 
  • More...

Clicking on More... opens up a new list down the left hand side that includes management features for:

  • Books
  • Safari
  • Podcasts
  • iTunes U
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Voice Mail, and
  • File System

More on Managing Photos

When it comes to managing Photos, iMobie has written a support guide for transferring photos from iPhone to PC which goes into more detail.

More on Managing Contacts

When I bought my first mobile phone (some 25 years ago!) it had the ability to store up to 100 contacts, ...if I could be bothered to laboriously key them in by pressing a button multiple times to get the letter I wanted.

Technology has advanced almost unrecognisably compared to that early Nokia and, these days, many of us rely on smartphones to manage the contact details of many people. Out of interest, I just had a look at my contacts and I have 870 contact cards, many of those containing more than one number per person.

So, management of all this information is important and this is where AnyTrans helps you. iMobie has written a guide on How to Backup Contacts on iPhone in 3 Ways.

Probably sensible to have a read of that as well if you don't want to lose 870 separate contact cards.

Quick Start

AnyTrans app quick startAnyTrans app quick startAnyTrans app quick start
AnyTrans app quick start

Home Screen Manager

This is a really handy tool that helps you to rearrange icons on the home screen of the iOS device, or across screens if you have more than one home screen.

AnyTrans Drive

AnyTrans DriveAnyTrans DriveAnyTrans Drive
AnyTrans Drive

AnyTrans Drive turns an iOS device into a portable hard drive. Data can be transferred easily between the device and AnyTrans.

This requires the installation of the AnyTrans app from the Apple iOS Store.

App File Sharing

AnyTrans App File SharingAnyTrans App File SharingAnyTrans App File Sharing
AnyTrans App File Sharing

App File Share lets you navigate content, belonging to apps, on the iOS device and manage them.

Content to iTunes

AnyTrans Content to iTunesAnyTrans Content to iTunesAnyTrans Content to iTunes
AnyTrans Content to iTunes

This section allows you to select different categories of data to transfer from the iOS device to iTunes.

Online HEIC Converter

This section opens a link in a browser. It's a free online tool to convert images from HEIC to JPG format. It does not require any downloads and words on both Mac and Windows.

HEIC stands for High Efficiency Image Container which is the standard file format for storing images on iOS devices.

AnyTrans Share

AnyTrans ShareAnyTrans ShareAnyTrans Share
AnyTrans Share

AnyTrans Share is an easy, quick and secure way of sharing files with family, friends and colleagues. 

The icon in AnyTrans launches an external website where files may be dragged-and-dropped to share.


AnyTrans for iOS is a comprehensive app that allows for the management of iPhones and iPads. It's a one-stop iPhone manager to backup and manage all sorts of iOS content all from one place.

To get started with this comprehensive iOS management tool, download AnyTrans for iOS from the iMobie website.

Not only are you getting a tool to manage iOS content, you can create and edit ringtones and backup and restore the device to your computer.

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