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Quick Tip: Toggle WiFi and Bluetooth With the Caps Lock Key


In my previous tutorial, How to Make Better Use of the Caps Lock Key, I showed how to remap your Mac's Caps Lock key so that you could use it to launch Spotlight, application launchers such as Alfred, and some, application specific, functions. In the comments section, it was asked if it was possible to use the Caps Lock key to toggle WiFi or Bluetooth. This quick tip will show you how.


For this tutorial you will need to download Airtoggle and Bluetoggle from Axonic Labs.

If you have not completed the previous tutorial, you will also need to download KeyRemapForMacBook and PCKeyboardHack.

Toggling Functions With the Caps Lock Key

Step 1: Remapping the Caps Lock Key

For a more in-depth explanation of how to remap the Caps Lock key to F19 please visit the tutorial on How to Make Better Use of the Caps Lock Key and follow steps one to four.

Next, download and install KeyRemapForMacBook and PCKeyboardHack. Install KeyRemapForMacBook first. You will need to restart your Mac after installing each application.

After your Mac restarts for the second time, open PCKeyboardHack from your Applications Folder. Under Caps Lock, tick the Change Caps Lock checkbox and enter the number 80 in the keycode column. This will remap the Caps Lock key to F19.

Remapping caps lock to F19
Remapping caps lock to F19

Step 2: Installing Airtoggle and Bluetoggle

Download Airtoggle and Bluetoggle. You have the option to download a free trial or to buy the software. The free trial is fully featured, however, you will occasionally get a pop up asking you to buy a license key and register your software.

I urge you to support the developer if you intend to regularly use Airtoggle and Bluetoggle; the cost of both is only $5.

To install Airtoggle, navigate to your Downloads folder and open Airtoggle-1.0.dmg. Double click on Airtoggle.prefPane to install it. Repeat the procedure with Bluetoggle-2.0.1.dmg.

Step 3: Configuring Airtoggle

To configure Airtoggle, open System Preferences and navigate to the Airtoggle preference pane.

Under the Hotkey drop down menu, select F19.

If you want to use your caps lock key to do the things described in the previous tutorial, you can select one or more modifier keys from the Modifiers menu to use in adition to your remapped Caps Lock key. I like to use CMD Caps Lock to toggle WiFi. If you want Airtoggle to start when you login, make sure the Launch at Login checkbox is checked.

Configuring Airtoggle
Configuring Airtoggle

Step 4: Configuring Bluetoggle

To configure Bluetoggle, repeat the same procedure you just used for Airtoggle. If you set Bluetoggle's Hotkey Settings to the same options as Airtoggle's, both WiFi and Bluetooth will be toggled on and off with one hotkey. However, I like to be able to control both settings individually so I have Option Caps Lock as my toggle for Bluetooth.


You have now set up a handy quick toggle for WiFi and Bluetooth. If you prefer not to remap your caps lock key, you can use any combination of modifier key and function key to activate Airtoggle and Bluetoggle instead.

Do you have any other functions you would like to see toggled with a hotkey? Let me know in the comments and I might just do a tutorial on it.

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